Monday, June 9, 2014

Lanah's {Spicy!} Challenge

Lanah took a trip, and shortly thereafter, a box arrived by post, with this note: 


A letter is coming soon as are blog posts 
about our trip, but for now I send 
you a 
challenge in the form of a gift. These 
mildly exotic items from London's oldest 
department store: Fortnum and Mason. Can't 
wait to hear how you use them.



I am so thrilled about this gift, the trip it came from, and the challenge Lanah sent. 
The tins contain Piri Piri Chili {red}, Lemon Myrtle {green}, and a fruity Pickling Spice {yellow}...This week I will show you {and Lanah} how I am using them! {First off, I'll see you tomorrow for a crepe.}
I can't recommend Lanah's writing enough. She is currently posting about this trip in seven parts... I have loved her France sojourn, and I can't wait to get to the English Fortnum and Mason visit!  -- Her blog is a great insight into an outwardly quiet and inwardly fantastic person's mind, and these travel posts are particularly engrossing {especially for those, like me, who must find contentment in vicarious travel}. xo, M